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Facebook's events feature gets suggestive

Looking for things to do from Facebook's events listings? A new feature tries to figure out things for you to do by seeing where you and your friends have been.

Facebook logo

Facebook has a new feature that aims to help out with your social life when away from its confines.

A new feature, called suggested events, began rolling out to users this afternoon. It provides users with a list of events they may want to attend, even if they were not explicitly invited.

According to TechCrunch, which picked up on the feature, the events that show up in the new menu are pulled from past history, including check-ins, as well as pages that have been liked. Events that Facebook friends are planning to attend are also thrown into the mix. All of this is in place of the "friends" events menu, which served up a listing of shindigs being put on by people you're friends with.

Facebook's new suggested events feature.
Facebook's new suggested events feature. Josh Lowensohn/CNET

The new feature joins suggested tags, another automated feature from Facebook that scans photos to help figure out who's in them. That feature makes use of facial-recognition technology, whereas this one appears to run off Facebook's own algorithms to pull out the right information and add some smarts to the listings.

Not everyone has the feature yet, including several of our accounts. We've asked Facebook for more information on when it's going live to everyone, and will update this post when we get those details.