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Facebook wants you to give its new Like button a thumbs-up

The old logo-emblazoned Like button gives way to the symbolic sign of approval.

Facebook's Like button, past and present.


Facebook announced a redesign of its Like button in a blog post Tuesday.

If you're on Facebook, chances are you've used the Like button before -- that little blue rectangle featuring the social media company's "f" logo that you hit to celebrate a friend's engagement news or show approval for a link someone shared.

But now they've ditched the old logo, making way for a thumbs-up instead. "Our hypothesis was that more people would understand the thumbs-up icon on the Like button, so we conducted qualitative and quantitative tests to measure them side-by-side," Facebook said in its announcement. "The results revealed an increase in engagement, so we are switching the Like button from the Facebook 'f' logo to the thumbs-up icon."