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Facebook Vibes revealed as Facebook music service

Facebook's rumoured music service may be called Facebook Vibes. The name was spotted in the new Facebook and Skype video calling feature -- but is that really its name, and how is Spotify involved?

Facebook's rumoured music service could be called Facebook Vibes. The name was spotted in the new Facebook and Skype video calling feature -- but will that be the service's final name, and how is Spotify involved?

The reference was spotted in the code for Facebook video calling by software developer, open-source hacker, and salsa dancer Jeff Rose, who wondered whether Facebook video chat used his installed Skype or installed a second copy.

A file called FacebookVideoCalling.jar contains a bunch of Javascript gobbledygookery that names the video calling plugin, "com.facebook.peep", and a second application: "com.facebook.vibes". Vibes is linked to a "MusicDownloadDialog".

The code seems to be preparing to download Vibes at a later stage. It's not clear whether the music service will be called Vibes -- after all, video chat isn't called Peek, that's just the video calling plugin. And Vibes is, frankly, a rubbish name. We wouldn't be surprised if it was called simply Facebook Music.

Facebook is rumoured to be working on a music service with Spotify, which would fit with Mark Zuckerberg's policy of getting partners like Skype to integrate features into the social network. And that rumour gains credence with the news that Spotify is finally opening to US music fans, which means deals with record labels may well be in place to reach all or most of Facebook's 750 million users around the world.

If we were Mark Zuckerberg and pals, we wouldn't hang about before releasing new features: the arrival of the Google+ social network threatens Facebook's dominance.

Would you use a Facebook music service? And what do you think of the name Facebook Vibes? Spread good and bad vibes in the comments or vibe with us on our Facebook page.