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Facebook updates Stories with audio, archiving and saved clips

For anyone who doesn't have a flagship phone with LTE, unlimited data or a western keyboard.

The new Facebook Stories archive


Facebook is rolling out updates to its Stories feature. The aim is to make it more attractive to people who can't use Stories the way it is now -- and therefore don't use it at all. 

The changes allow people to save or archive Facebook Camera clips in their accounts. This saves the limited storage space while giving you the option to share them later. You can also archive Stories privately in your account. 

The updated Stories also supports voice posts with a custom background instead of text, so you won't have to type to upload a voice post. The saved clips also mean you can share them when you're in a more connected area if your signal is too poor to upload them right away.

The features will initially be available in India before coming to the rest of the world.