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Facebook unveils another Snapchat-esque feature

The Facebook app now opens with a front-facing live camera screen rather than the usual option to post a written message.


Users can also jazz up their photos with filters. Sound familiar?


Facebook is basically Snapchat's little sister right now and wants to copy everything she does.

The social-networking giant unveiled on Friday a tweak to its mobile app, a new main screen it's trying out in Canada and Brazil that looks a lot like Snapchat's home screen, according to BuzzFeed.

The potential feature demonstrates just how much inspiration Facebook gets from Snapchat. On Tuesday, Facebook-owned Instagram added an element called Stories, which looks nearly identical to Snapchat Stories.

The new home screen in the Facebook app opens up with a forward-facing live camera screen for still shots and videos. As in Snapchat, users can manipulate their images with filters and facial overlays, thanks to Facebook's March purchase of startup Masquerade.

Facebook believes a focus on sharing photos and videos makes sense because written posts are becoming a thing of the past. Facebook plans to adopt the feature globally if testing goes well, BuzzFeed reported.