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Facebook unfriends Twitter's Vine app

Facebook is not playing nice with a new video app, Aereo improves live TV streaming on Roku, and Microsoft plans to go deeper with its Surface tablet lineup.

Friday's CNET Update is looking so Vine:

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Today's tech news roundup looks at the latest skirmish between Facebook and Twitter. The new iPhone app Vine (owned by Twitter), lets users create six-second mash-up videos and share it on social media. But Facebook has blocked Vine from being able to find Facebook friends in the app. The move is similar to how Twitter shut off Facebook's Instagram from accessing its user data.

As the world is still learning what a Vine is, take a look at CNET's tips for using the app. Keep in mind that although Vine has no privacy settings, there is a way to create a Vine without sharing it to the world.

The live TV-streaming startup Aereo has an updated app on Roku, allowing subscribers to use the service with the Roku remote. Previously, the only way to control it on Roku was to use an iPhone or iPad. Aereo is gearing up to expand its offerings to 22 other U.S. cities, while also fighting a lawsuit from major broadcast networks.

Microsoft plans to launch more variations of its Surface tablet, but no specific details were given during Microsoft's recent earnings call.

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