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Facebook tries to get some love for Friendship Pages

The social network redesigns a little-known feature -- a profile page that highlights your friendships and relationships. Perhaps the redesign will get more people using the feature.

The new Friendship Page layout Facebook

Facebook today revamped its Friendship Pages, a little-known feature that's suppose to take you on a trip down memory lane with any of your Facebook friends.

The social network may be using the redesign to bring more attention to the feature. The idea, the fruit of a hackathon, was rolled out about a year ago. The pages exist for each relationship you have and shows any posts, photos, and events that you and another person have shared.

If you are "in a relationship with" someone, like the happy couple pictured above, you can go to to see your page. Otherwise, you'll have to access the page through the little round sprocket icon at the top right of a friend's profile page. Just click "See Friendship."

It looks like Facebook just applied its Timeline layout to the pages, but the social network says the new layout is suppose to make it easier to see all the things you and your dear friend has shared, including photos you're both tagged in, things you both liked and when you became friends.