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Facebook to start targeted ads based on apps, says report

The targeting continues. Unnamed sources tell The Wall Street Journal that the social network will start rolling out targeted ads based on which apps Facebook users access.

Facebook plans to launch a new mobile advertising feature that will place targeted ads in news feeds based on which apps consumers use, The Wall Street Journal reported today.

In a move to further boost its mobile profile, Facebook plans to roll out the service to developers and advertisers later this month, unnamed sources told the Journal.

The ads will be placed whether or not the user has shown an interest in the company doing the advertising, which is a strange move for Facebook. The company has constantly emphasized its commitment to bringing users advertising content that relates to things they or their friends have "liked," as opposed to random advertising.

Facebook declined to comment on the Journal's report.

If the news is true, it would be another push from Facebook to up its mobile money game. The company has been beefing up its advertising features in the last few months amid news of an unhappy advertiser and claims of ineffective ads.

Facebook rolled out real-time targeted ads last month and is also developing a mobile ad product that uses real-time data based on users' locations.