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Facebook tests a new ad strategy

News Feed ads will target browsing history, eBay and Goodwill let users "Sell it Forward," and users are flipping over Flipboard's custom magazines.

CNET Update is watching where you click:

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Update highlights Facebook's Plan B for advertising in the News Feed. Instead of just showing you sponsored stories based on your profile, Facebook is tracking your Web browsing habits to serve targeted ads in the News Feed. If not done right, this can turn away users who are already uneasy over privacy.

Also in the tech news roundup:

- Spring cleaning could earn you a couple bucks -- that is, if you live in an area participating in eBay's "Sell it Forward" program. eBay is working with Goodwill to give people a 50 percent cut of the sale of their donated items.

- Walmart is testing product lockers in stores, similar to the concept for Amazon's lockers.

- Verizon is launching a Games Portal for Android devices. It's similar to Apple's Game Center network.

- Feed your peashooter addiction with a new Plants vs. Zombies spinoff coming to Facebook.

- The iOS Flipboard app has been updated with the ability to create and share a custom magazine.

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