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Facebook Stories are coming to brand pages

The social network wants to get more people to use Stories, which haven’t gained traction on the Facebook app.


Facebook hopes extending Stories to brands will get more people to use it.


Facebook is bringing Stories, the photo and video feature it cribbed from Snapchat, to yet another part of its platform.

This time, the feature is coming to Pages, which are official Facebook pages used by brands, including publishers, artists, athletes and businesses.

Stories are strings of video clips and photos that disappear after 24 hours. The format was first developed by Snapchat, but after it became wildly popular with young people, Facebook copied it and brought Stories to its own products. Now the feature is available in all of Facebook's major apps: Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger and the main Facebook app itself.

Instagram and Whatsapp each have 250 million daily Stories users, but Stories on Facebook haven't gained traction. The social network hopes extending the feature to brands will get more people to use it.

Facebook will be rolling out the feature over the next month on iPhones and Android phones.