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Facebook sorry for rejecting ad featuring plus-size woman

Ad featuring outspoken advocate for body acceptance was initially rejected because it depicted body parts in an "undesirable manner."

Cherez la Femme

Facebook has had a change of heart about plus-size women appearing in ads on the social network.

Facebook on Monday apologized for refusing to display an ad that featured a size-26 model wearing a bikini. The ad, which featured Tess Holliday, a model who is an outspoken advocate for body acceptance, was initially rejected because it went against the site's "health and fitness" ad guidelines, which prohibit displaying "body parts in an undesirable manner."

The ad was submitted by Cherez la Femme, an Australian feminist group, to promote an event called "Feminism and Fat." After the group took its fight public last week in a Facebook post, the social network relented Monday and said the ad was in compliance with the company's ad guidelines.

"Our team processes millions of advertising images each week, and in some instances we incorrectly prohibit ads," Facebook said in a statement. "This image does not violate our ad policies. We apologize for the error and have let the advertiser know we are approving their ad."