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Facebook snaps up Chai Labs

Social-networking site acquires the content-focused start-up, likely for less than $10 million.

In yet another small acquisition, Facebook has bought Chai Labs, several sources said.

BoomTown could not confirm the price for the purchase of the content-focused start-up, but it is likely to be under $10 million and more focused on acquiring talent.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based Chai Labs, which was founded by a former Google AdSense exec Gokul Rajaram, raised $1.1 million last year, according to a regulatory filing, and $1.3 million before that.

On its Web site, Chai Labs says that advisors in the company include prominent Silicon Valley players, such as Marc Andreessen, Reid Hoffman and Joe Kraus, who appear to be angel investors.

Chai Labs is described as a "technology platform [that] enables publishers to easily customize and launch scalable, search-friendly sites in several verticals. We seamlessly complement our partners' editorial teams, and some of our most compelling implementations have occurred when editors and journalists have worked side-by-side with our platform."

The ability to help publishers create, store and deliver content is something that makes sense for Facebook, given the powerful social networking site has been trying to work with media companies rather than compete with them.

Facebook declined to comment and Chai Labs has not responded to an email query.