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Facebook's smart speaker might skip the US for now

Other countries could get to try Facebook's (rumored) voice assistant first!

James Martin/CNET

Maybe now's not the best time for Facebook to put an always-listening device into people's homes?

That was the obvious conclusion when Bloomberg reported that Facebook would be delaying the announcement of its rumored "smart speaker" in March. And Tuesday, CNBC reports that Facebook might wind up releasing the speaker in international markets first -- to test the waters, if you will.

Facebook didn't immediately reply to a request for comment.  

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CNBC's sources say that Facebook actually has a pair of speakers in the works, one with a camera and touchscreen, and that they'll connect to Facebook Messenger to let you chat with friends and family. Sources tell CNBC that Facebook may call the voice-assistant by a name that starts with the letter "M," and that "Marvin" was one specific possibility. 

While Facebook didn't announce the rumored speaker today, here are all the things it did announce at its F8 developers' conference.

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Disclosure: Sean's wife works for Facebook as an internal video producer.