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'Facebook Secrets' blog gets DMCA takedown treatment

Blog, anonymously set up to share source code that Facebook inadvertently leaked, gets pulled by Blogger parent Google over copyright concerns.

Facebook Secrets is no more.

The blog, which had been set up specifically to share the leaked source code that Facebook's front page accidentally displayed to a number of users over the weekend, has been taken down by host Blogger's parent company Google.

The company cited violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, evoking the similar takedown notices that plagued Digg when its users 'dugg' HD DVD crack code earlier this year.

Since the Facebook source code inevitably made its way into plenty of hands while it was public, the action probably won't do much--it's more of a symbolic gesture.

In Facebook's initial response statement to the source code leak, the company stressed that the PHP code was copyrighted and asked that people not circulate it. It's not yet clear whether Facebook was behind the DMCA takedown; we will update this post when we have heard back from them.

But none of this has stopped the still-anonymous Facebook Secrets blogger, who has launched a separate blog, titled Facebook Secrets Again, for the purpose of sharing the DMCA takedown e-mails from the Blogger team.