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Facebook schedules annual shareholder meeting for June 11

A pre-summer gathering of stockholders will put Mark Zuckerberg and company in the hot seat.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg James Martin/CNET
Facebook announced Friday that it will hold its first annual shareholder meeting on June 11 at the Westin San Francisco Airport hotel.

The company's stock, which closed at $26.85 per share today, has seen brighter days, though not many since its bungled initial public offering. As such, we should anticipate heated discussions around the social network's underperforming shares and pressure on CEO Mark Zuckerberg to turn things around. Oh, to be a fly on those walls.

Facebook's official agenda is less exciting. The company will hold a vote to re-elect its eight board directors, not including the exiting Jim Breyer. Facebook also will ask shareholders to vote on its executive compensation program and to confirm Ernst & Young as its public accounting firm for the rest of year.