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Facebook rolls out 'Buy Tickets' button for Event Pages

The social network is helping members sell tickets to their events, in a move that hints at its interest in the online ticketing space.

Facebook is in the process of rolling out "Buy Tickets" buttons, a feature that hints at the social network's intention to enter the online ticketing business.

The buy option, first spotted by All Facebook, is being introduced as a new feature for all Facebook Event Page owners who want to better promote ticket purchases. The buttons allow visitors to click through to a third-party Web site to purchase tickets.

Facebook confirmed the rollout to CNET. The Buy Tickets button merely replaces the previous option, a link, that sent people offsite to the event creator's preferred ticketing destination, a company representative said.

As it stands, there's not much to these buttons, save for allowing event creators to link out to ticketing Web sites with an actual button that might garner a bit more attention. Still, the button highlights Facebook's ongoing interest in making its social network a place for commerce, a strategy that could someday give rise to a full-featured ticket-buying platform.

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