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Facebook reveals fight over data collection request

The social network challenged a search warrant for personal info on hundreds of users. The move suggests more privacy awareness, at a time when the Supreme Court has ruled against warrantless cell phone searches.

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This episode of CNET Update is your friendly reminder that nothing posted online is truly private. Anything you write on Facebook can be shared with law enforcement, and you may not even know when there's a warrant to search your digital life.

Facebook revealed details on a search warrant for hundreds of user accounts. Before handing over data to law enforcement, the social network fought to block the warrant on the belief that it was unconstitutional. This raises questions about data privacy, just days after the Supreme Court ruled that cell phones are protected from warrantless searches.

But for those of you that aren't worried about storing your personal data on the Internet, you'll be glad to know Microsoft is offering more free storage on OneDrive.

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Facebook reveals fight over data collection request