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Facebook reported ready to lift 5,000-friends cap

The social network seems ready to let users go past its traditional limit on friends, even though few have come close to that level.

If you're among the fraction of Facebook users who have bumped up against the social-networking service's 5,000-friends cap, breathe easy: you might well soon be able to climb into the upper reaches of four figures' worth.

That's according to a Friday post on TechCrunch, where Michael Arrington reported that Facebook is getting ready to lift the limit.

As Arrington wrote, there are only about 1,000 Facebook users--out of 70 million--who have reached the cap, but "a disproportionate percentage of bloggers and press are at the limit, so the issue tends to get a lot more attention than it otherwise would."

The news is not official yet, but TechCrunch suggested that Facebook imposed the limit because of scaling problems.

For most people, though, this will be a non-issue. As one of my colleagues put it, "Thank goodness. I was just 4,750 friends away from bumping into that ridiculous cap."

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