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Facebook plans Gmail killer, revamps useless photo uploader

Facebook isn't letting up with the overhauls, redesigns and general tweaking this year, with an improved photo uploader and webmail project announced

Not content with redesigning its homepage for the forty-billionth time, Facebook is powering into 2010 with yet more changes up its two-tone sleeves. A full revamp of its unreliable photo uploader will be welcomed with sobbing relief by users with thousands of unshared pics of them drinking, but it's a huge overhaul of the messaging inbox that could have the biggest consequences.

A source told TechCrunch that the email project will go toe-to-toe with Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, with addresses tied to your vanity URL -- so ours will be It will also reportedly support POP and IMAP, meaning you can access mail through a smart phone app.

Meanwhile, our colleagues at CNET News have reported that a new photo uploader (pictured) will be rolling out soon to users who opt in on the prototype page. Unlike the current Java version, the new uploader requires a browser plug-in. That's irritating, but it does mean you can leave Facebook while your photos are uploading. In its official announcement, Facebook stressed that stability was a key element in the plug-in's development.

Image credit: Facebook