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Facebook phone? Many consumers say 'meh'

A survey of online shoppers finds a staggeringly low level of interest in a phone powered by the social network.

Could this be what's released tomorrow? And would anyone care? 9to5Google

So Facebook says it's got a "new home on Android," and we're invited to the housewarming tomorrow, which CNET will be live blogging from. Many speculate the highlight of the occasion will be the launch of a Facebook phone, or at least a Facebook-centric forked version of Android that could land soon on an HTC phone.

The only problem is, when it comes to the idea of a new Facebook phone, or skin, or whatever, very few consumers seem likely to click "like."

Retrevo has just published the findings of an online survey conducted in mid-March that found a staggeringly low percentage -- only 3 percent -- of consumers said they would consider buying a Facebook phone. Another 15 percent said they might consider a phone based around the social-networking service after learning more, while a whopping 82 percent had no interest whatsoever.

By comparison, past surveys have found that 8 percent of Americans twiddle their thumbs. So you might say, in a very unscientific sense, that twiddling your thumbs is more than twice as interesting as the notion of a Facebook phone.

So much for being "friends."

The survey of more than 3,200 shoppers was conducted via the Bizrate Insights survey platform through a network that includes more than 5,200 North American e-commerce retailers.

Facebook's new home on Android: Catch our live coverage on Thursday at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET