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F(acebook) off: Dumping lovers via social network

According to a poll, timed for Valentines Day, 48 percent of those under 21 have dumped a lover in the last 12 months on a social-networking site.

In the run-up to love's greatest feast, Valentine's Day, it is refreshing to hear that lovers are learning new ways to communicate with each other.

According to a poll, 48 percent of those under 21 took the bold and enlightened step of jettisoning an inadequate partner on a social-networking site.

What could be more meaningful than sharing your rejection of someone you might have once loved with up to 5,000 of your closest friends? Truly, this is another step toward bringing people together as one, in perfect lasting harmony.

CC Robyn Gallagher

The poll was commission by If any of you are unfamiliar with this delightful product, it's a little candy with a loving message on it. You know, like "I Love You," "Be My Valentine," and "If You Don't Get Out Of This House Right Now, I'll Rip Your Eyelids Out With My Teeth."

I may have slightly misread that last one.

Your heart will wish to orbit nearer Mars when I tell you that 95 percent of all respondents said they checked out their former lover's new life on sites such as Facebook. It is life-affirming to know that being young brings with it such lasting and public joy.

Proof that there is no experience like a co-experience.