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Here's what I look like in Facebook's next reality

Facebook is working on an interactive social experience for its Oculus Rift VR headset. You'll be able to pick out your own face, hair and clothing before you jump in.

CNET's Sean Hollister looks dapper in virtual reality.

Josh Miller/CNET

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg might have just showed us the future of selfies -- and maybe of social networks, too. Long story short, Zuck expects people to start hanging out with their friends in VR spaces, each person represented by a cartoony avatar.

I got a chance to try out one of those avatars myself at this week's Oculus Connect 3 developer conference.

No, I didn't get to step into Zuck's "Justin Timberlake" lookalike avatar, or try the futuristic experience he showed on stage. That's a work in progress. But soon, Oculus plans to release a similar idea for the Samsung Gear VR headset called "Oculus Rooms," where you can hangout, chat, watch shows and play some VR games with up to seven friends at a time.

Oculus Rooms has avatars, too. Here's what mine would look like:

Prepping my avatar for VR.

Josh Miller/CNET

Creating my avatar was dead simple. As soon as I put on the headset, I found myself in a dressing room, facing a virtual mirror. Virtual buttons let me select shapes for my face and hair. I scrolled through a long rack of virtual clothing shapes, and dragged them onto my body. The weirdest part is the color: your entire body, hands and clothing can only be one single color.

So, I thought, why not be made of gold?

Oculus says Rooms is coming to Gear VR in a couple of weeks, and it should arrive on the PC-based Oculus Rift ($550 at Amazon) headset early next year.

A momento of my time inhabiting a Facebook VR avatar.

Josh Miller/CNET