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Facebook Music offers scrobbling, track unification

Facebook's rumoured music service will offer easy music sharing, regardless of what service they use. Let the musical goodness commence.

A source has just revealed some more details of Facebook's rumoured upcoming music service. And if they prove to be genuine, it means no holds barred sharing of tunes.

The first is pretty much a given. It's said to have scrobbling — listen to a song and it'll be sent to your profile without you having to do anything, for everyone to see. So your secret Peter Gabriel obsession may well be laid bare.

But the second is a little more intriguing. Apparently it will let your friends listen to the song you've just played, even if they're signed up to a different service to the one you use. So listen to a song on Spotify, and a user of Rdio (or MOG, or any of the other services Facebook is rumoured to be launching with) will be able to play it there and then, with no compatibility issues. So sharing music will be as simple as them clicking the song, and hey presto, they'll have access to your music collection.

There's also rumoured to be one standard player that plays music without interruption as you jump from Facebook page to page. These are all rumours so far, but they would certainly make sense. The whole aim of Facebook is sharing information, so what would be the point of launching a music service that didn't make sharing easy?

Rumours have abounded about Facebook's music service. First it was said to be called Vibes, but it'll most probably be known as Facebook Music. It's rumoured to be working with Spotify on the service, as well as other partners such as Rdio and MOG.

Last week, news leaked that Facebook's revenue had doubled to $1.6 billion in the first half of this year, so the company isn't short of a penny or two. It also boasts over 750 million users worldwide. And with Spotify recently launching in the US, we don't think it'll be long until a proper social networking-cum-music service touches down.

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