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Facebook Messenger adds texting support, but only for Android

Starting this week, Android users will be able to send texts with voice clips without leaving the Messnger app.


Messenger now lets you text.


Facebook lovers on Android have another reason to never leave the social network's entangling arms with the addition of SMS support directly through the Facebook Messenger app.

The update, announced yesterday by David Marcus, Facebook's VP of Messaging Products, will let you send not just texts, but also voice clips, stickers and your location. You'll be able to use the app's Chat Heads for texts, as well.

The update will start rolling out worldwide today and should be completed by Friday, Marcus wrote in his post. Users will have to opt in, but Marcus wrote that no customer texts will be stored on Facebook's servers.

Messenger previously supported texts in 2013, but Facebook dropped the feature after low customer use. Facebook hasn't said when it would add texting support for its iOS Messenger app.