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Facebook looks to double the percentage of women on staff

In its 2019 diversity report, the social network says it's looking to increase the percentage of women and minorities in its ranks.


The Facebook app on an iPhone.

Fabian Sommer/Getty Images

Facebook aims to double the percentage of women working at the social network around the world over the next five years, while simultaneously doubling the number of black and Hispanic employees in the US. The company stated the goals in a Tuesday blog post about its diversity efforts that showed the percentage of women in Facebook's ranks had inched higher last year.

Maxine Williams, Facebook's chief diversity officer, called the goals "ambitious" and "incredibly important."

"They add to our tangible ways of tracking our progress and measuring success," Williams said of the goals. "They also create accountability, which is absolutely key to progress."

The annual diversity report showed women made up 36.9% of all Facebook employees, up from 36.3% in 2018. At the senior leadership level, women accounted for 32.6% of employees, up from 30% a year earlier. 

Black employees made up 3.8% of the workforce, up from 3.5% a year earlier, while Hispanic employees were 5.2%, up from 4.9%.

Facebook has published its diversity report for six years, part of an effort to combat image of being male, white and Asian. Late last year, a former employee wrote that Facebook had a "black people problem."