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Facebook lets users pay to promote friends' posts

The social network adds another layer to its promoted posts feature -- now you can pay money to promote a friend's post.


Facebook says it's rolling out a new feature today that lets users pay to promote their friends' posts.

That means you can push your friend's post up to the top of the news feeds of users within their network. To promote a post, just click on the menu button on the top right corner of a post, according to images of the feature provided by Facebook. Only people with fewer than 5,000 friends or subscribers can use the feature.

Facebook thinks people will want to use this feature to promote charity fundraisers and events, or help friends rent out their apartments.

Of course, Facebook realizes that this kind of open sharing may cause privacy concerns. After all, this lets you promote any photo or status update a friend shares with you. To quell these fears, Facebook says the post will only be promoted to everyone who originally saw it, so you can't share it with people outside of the original poster's network.

Facebook rolled out promoted posts in October, encouraging users to promote their announcements or parties by paying $7 per promotion. Early reaction to the personal promoted post feature was lackluster.