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Facebook is testing a 'Create' button for ads, events and fundraisers

The social network is making another tweak to its design.


Facebook is testing out a new "Create" button for the desktop version of the platform, which prompts people to do things like make a new Facebook page or post an ad.

The button, on the top right corner of the page, leads to a drop-down menu where people can create a brand Page, an advertisement, a group, an event, a marketplace listing or a fundraising page.


The "Create" button has shortcuts that let you post ads and events. 

Screenshot by Richard Nieva/CNET

The prompt to create an ad gets fairly high billing -- the second shortcut on the drop-down menu after the prompt to create a Page. Ads are the lifeblood of Facebook: the social network makes money by letting marketers target specific ads at certain audiences based on their personal information, which Facebook collects.

Asked about the design tweak, Facebook said it's testing the "Create" button globally and it'll be rolled out more widely in the coming weeks. For the test, the button looks like the "+" sign for some people and the word "Create" for others, Facebook said. (I'm part of the "+" test group.)

This isn't the only interface tweak Facebook has made recently. Earlier this week, the social network said it's redesigning the navigation bar on its mobile app to make it more personalized. Now users will see shortcuts to features they use most frequently, instead of everyone seeing the same set of icons. 

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