Facebook is changing the News Feed

Facebook and Google test new site designs, Groupon gets a two-for-one CEO deal, and Windows Phone users face app injustice.

CNET Update never did beat Battletoads:

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Facebook will unveil a new look for the News Feed on March 7, but we may have a hint at what's to come judging by the new profiles being tested in New Zealand (via The Next Web). And Google is also testing a new look with a navigation grid icon.

Other headlines from Friday's tech news roundup:

- Groupon's CEO was fired, but you should read his farewell memo to staff. He compares the challenges leading Groupon to getting through the difficult Battletoads video game without dying. We hear ya, Andrew.

- Amazon Instant Video made a deal to get shows from the Food Network and Travel Channel. Prime subscribers now can get their fill of Guy Fieri.

- Adobe releases the Photoshop Touch app for smartphones. It has the same features as the tablet version, but is cheaper. Read the full review here.

- Windows Phone won't get the Photoshop Touch app for now. But even the apps Windows users do get are subpar. Twitter for Windows Phone was updated, but still lacks all features found in iOS and Android versions.

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