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Facebook iPad app launches, iPhone app updated

The social networking behemoth has finally outed its iPad app, though it lacks any of the new features like Timeline.

It's been a long, long time coming, but Facebook has finally unveiled its iPad app, reports This Is My Next. At time of writing it wasn't live in the App Store, but check back very soon and it should be there, ready for download.

So what can you expect? Well the bad news is it's lacking the new Facebook features unveiled at the recent f8 conference, such as Timeline. But it does include a lot of favourites features, and it looks very similar to the iPhone version.

You've got Chat on board, full-screen games, and News Feed notifications. It and the iPhone app are also getting an upgrade, adding new features previously unavailable. Such as? The ability to add bookmarks to apps, pay using Facebook Credits for in-app payments, and there's a new Requests dialogue that shows app notifications, such as invitations to join in games. These features aren't available as yet -- they've only just been pushed out to developers -- but it shouldn't be long till we can take advantage of them.

Good news for non-Apple users too -- these new features are also bound for Android. Sweet

Previously these features were only available on websites or apps through Writing on a blog entry announcing the launches, Facebook software development engineer Luke Shepard wrote: "We are at the beginning of bringing Facebook Platform apps to mobile. The features we are launching today are still under development. They will evolve as we learn more about building richer social experiences on mobile devices."

The Facebook iPad app has been in development for some time, with Mark Zuckerberg himself said to be personally involved.

What do you make of the new app then? Let us know on our Facebook page, fittingly enough.