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Tech Industry

Facebook hires ex-CNN anchor to lead news partnerships team

Campbell Brown will try to be the social network's tie that binds it to the media.


Former TV news anchor Campbell Brown says she will be helping Facebook and news outlets work more closely together.

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Facebook is hoping Campbell Brown will be its "voice" to help ease tensions with the media.

The social network is hiring the former CNN and NBC News anchor to become its head of news partnerships later this month. Appropriately enough, Brown shared the news of her newly-created liaison position on her Facebook page on Friday.

"This is a different role for me, but one where I will be tapping my newsroom experience to help news organizations and journalists work more closely and more effectively with Facebook," Brown said in her Facebook post. "I will be working directly with our partners to help them understand how Facebook can expand the reach of their journalism, and contribute value to their businesses."

Brown's hiring at the world's largest social network comes after it has been sharply criticized for its role in spreading fake news stories during the US presidential election. The company denies fake news appearing on Facebook swayed the vote. Last month, the company announced steps to make it easier for its 1.8 billion users to report possible hoaxes and add warnings before they share questionable stories. Brown's role also comes about a month after the social network posted it was looking for someone with more than 20 years of experience to be the "public-facing voice of Facebook and its role in the news ecosystem."

Covering the news with "honesty and integrity is something that matters deeply to me," the Emmy-winning Brown, 48, said in her post Friday. She added that she has always felt journalism is more than just a job.

"Right now we are watching a massive transformation take place in the news business -- both in the way people consume news and in the way reporters disseminate news," said Brown, who has also been an advocate for teacher tenure reform. "Facebook is a major part of this transformation."