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Google's modular phone may live on -- at Facebook!

Facebook might do what Google wouldn't: give the modular Ara phone a chance.

I want a phone with six batteries, so I never run out of juice.

I want a phone that lets me upgrade the camera, screen, even processor, so I'm never out of date.

This guy? He worked on the StarTAC, RAZR, Droid, Amazon Fire Phone *and* led Google's Ara team. He's at Facebook now.

Gabriel Sama/CNET

If that sounds familiar, you're probably thinking of Google's Project Ara. Google was going to build that phone -- until it got cold feet.

But don't shed a tear for Ara quite yet. I did a little digging over the past week, and you know what I found?

Facebook just hired a crap-ton of phone experts, including all the top brass who worked on Google's Ara.

I didn't have any secret anonymous sources or anything like that -- the information was all hiding in plain sight. If you want to know everything I discovered, click here for the full story.

Don't know about you, but I can't wait for a day when my phone can have the best of everything and actually reflect me -- not what phone manufacturers and cellular carriers think the majority of people need.