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Facebook for Android now lets you edit your posts, comments

The social network now lets members correct for mortifying misfires from their smartphones.

Matt Harnack/Facebook

We've all been there, but thanks to a Facebook for Android update, embarrassing, awful auto-correct mishaps will no longer be cause for panic.

Perhaps long overdue, the social network is updating its Android smartphone application Thursday with post and comment editing, meaning that people can forget about running to their desktop computer to correct for mortifying misfires and just edit the errors on the go. The mobile editing feature will be coming to Facebook's iOS application in the near future, a Facebook spokesperson told CNET.

With the change, Facebook for Android users can tap the down arrow on their posts and choose the "edit" option to make changes. They can also view a history of their changes.

The refreshed application, which should hit the Google Play Store around 12 p.m. PT on Thursday, also comes with Facebook's fun emoticon feature for visually updating friends on feelings, emotions, and activities. The icons, accessible from the smiley button in the status update box, are already available on the Web and iOS. In addition, the new Facebook for Android app brings with it the ability to create and share new photo albums.