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Facebook feeds you your friends

Facebook feeds you your friends

Facebook launched useful new features today. The site now has feeds of personally relevant information. It will show everything that's happening in your network--when people "friend" each other, when people add photos, when new members join your network, and so on. Individuals also get their own mini feeds: when you go to a friend's page, you can see everything that person has done on the site recently.

Both of these changes make it much easier to keep up with your groups and your friends (or to stalk them, if they haven't configured their privacy settings appropriately). Other social networks that don't have similar features (I'm talking to you, MySpace) would do well to add something similar, although there are already third-party tools that will do this for you.

CNET's Neha Tiwari interviewed Facebook director of business development Jed Stremel back in August. Watch the video here.