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Facebook shows what our post-phone future will look like

Day one of F8 was all about augmented reality and virtual reality. Day two went even further, showcasing tech that seemed straight out of a sci-fi novel.

Day 2 of Facebook's F8 developer conference was all about the future.

Facebook may be the world's largest social network, but the talk on the stage in San Jose, California, focused on everything else the company is working on, and how that will change lives in the decade ahead.

From augmented and virtual reality to next-gen wireless connectivity to brain-control user interfaces (really), today's session felt more like a TED Talk about science-fiction concepts that are already up and running in the lab. The big takeaways? Facebook is focused on building the post-smartphone, post-4G future -- and it's investing the time, effort and resources into making sure that you'll be using Facebook products and services to get there.

Among the highlights:

News from day one of the F8 conference:

Missed the day one keynote? Watch it in full below:

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