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Facebook experiencing 'upgrade' outages

It appears that the social-networking site is experiencing some growing pains.

Tried to visit Facebook today and had no luck? It appears that the social-networking site has been experiencing some growing pains. No one in CNET's newsroom was able to access the site starting around 10 a.m. PDT.

Some experienced a time-out while others were met with the message "We're upgrading. We'll be back soon."

Is Facebook down for you? Working for you? Redirecting to (Just kidding.) Let us know.

UPDATE (11:24 AM PT): Facebook has updated its home page with a new message that says "Facebook is temporarily unavailable. We are working on it."

Additionally, a tipster fed us this one: London-based IBM employee Matt Dibb reports on his blog that Facebook had been displaying strange signs shortly before it went down, replacing his login details with an unfamiliar e-mail address, which led him to theorize that the social network may have been hacked.

Another blogger speculates that it may be a proxy issue.

UPDATE #2 (11:36 AM PT): At least for the time being, Facebook appears to have returned. Somewhat notably, I am now seeing longer URLs for the site's page destinations (rather than just the home.php, profile.php, etc.) than before.

Looks like this may have been an upgrade after all.