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Facebook expands Mini-Feed to include Digg

Social network gets its Mini-Feed import feature to include your recently "dugg" stories from Digg. Is this better than Digg's Facbook application?

Importing Digg stories on Facebook Facebook

Adding to Tuesday's release, Facebook has added an additional service for Mini-Feed importing, Digg.

This is a big win for Digg. Over the last six months, I have seen a significant increase in the usage of Digg by college students, and this inclusion in the Facebook Mini-Feed will only improve its reach in that demographic.

Of course, Facebook has expanded greatly beyond its initial college market, and the inclusion of Digg may alert a lot of users to the service for the first time.

A concern that I have with the integration is that your Mini-Feed will probably become really cluttered with Digg stories, if you are a heavy digger. Digg does, however, have a Facebook application that keeps your "dugg" stories neatly in a module on your profile page.

At this point, I haven't decided whether I like the application or the Mini-Feed approach more, but I do think that it is great that Facebook is integrating these third-party sites and turning users on to more Web 2.0 services.