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Facebook ditches squares, invests in circles for redesign

The social media giant has started rolling out a visual update to its site and app. You may have already noticed the circles.


Facebook earlier today began rolling out a series of design updates to its app and website. It says the tweaked look will make your News Feed easier to navigate, but the first thing you'll probably notice are your friends' circular display pictures. 

Goodbye squares, we hardly knew ye.

In a Tuesday blog post, Facebook said the goal of the updates is to make Facebook "more conversational and easier to read and navigate." To do that, the company will be updating the comment layout in posts, making link previews on your News Feed bigger and adding new Like, Comment and Share buttons. 

You can read about all of the changes -- many of which you might not even notice -- here

The move to circular display pictures is bold, considering how much Twitter was mocked for doing the same back in April. This update appears to be fairly incremental, though the company does have some grand plans. It last week announced Facebook Watch, a streaming service to compete with YouTube.