Facebook date forces woman to be getaway driver

A woman meets a man on Facebook. In the middle of the date, the man decides he will rob an off-track betting facility. The woman is made to be the getaway driver.

These days, if you don't meet your date online, there must be something a little wrong with you.

There is a small cabal of humans, however, who are still uncertain as to whether someone you meet on, say, Facebook, mightn't be married. Or merely a hardened criminal.

I mention this dilemma because of the tale of 23-year-old Leah Gibbs, from Rhondda, South Wales.

The way The Daily Mail presents it, Gibbs met Adam Minton on Facebook and agreed to be his date. Her hope was that they would spend their first encounter watching a DVD at Minton's house. It is not recorded whether he had rented "The Sting", "Bonnie and Clyde," or "Inside Man."

When Gibbs arrived, Minton told her he needed to see a friend and asked whether she might drive him to see said friend.

Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It appears that there might not have been a friend at all. Instead, she drove him to the vicinity of what the English call a betting shop and New Yorkers call an OTB. There, Minton threatened the staff with a kitchen knife and took off with cash. When he leaped back into Gibbs' car, he reportedly told her: "Go, go, go!" Which suggests he really had seen more than one bank heist DVD.

One can only imagine what might have been pounding through Gibbs' head at this point of her date. She offered the Mail this highly considered quote: "I thought I would be ending the night in Adam's arms."

Having shortly afterward been arrested with Minton--her license plate turned out to be the giveaway after the getaway--she added: "Instead, he had landed in the long arms of the law and I was facing jail."

Gibbs spent a night in the cells before Minton persuaded police that she was merely an innocent bysitter whom he had met on Facebook. Yes, this was their first date.

Minton was sentenced to four-and-a-half years for his behavior. It is not recorded if Gibbs has ventured onto Facebook again in order to find the man of her dreams, or at least someone to take her to a bar. Or at least someone who doesn't land her behind bars.

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