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Facebook conquers Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, and Vietnam

Vicenzo Cosenza's World Map of Social Networks shrinks to just five players dominating digital connections on the planet.

Vincenzo Cosenza

Facebook continues to make progress in its colonization of planet Earth. With more than 1 billion active users, Facebook is the leading social network in 127 countries, according to Alexa data compiled by Italian social media strategist Vincenzo Cosenza.

Much of the recent growth has come from higher penetration in Asia. In recent months, Facebook has become the leading social network in Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, and Vietnam, according to Cosenza's research. China and Iran remain impenetrable to Facebook, and V Kontakte and Odnoklassniki continue to dominate Russian countries.

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Cosenza's data analysis identified only five significant social networks, down from seven in June 2012, as Zing, which had some traction in Vietnam, and Draugiem, in Latvia, faded.

Vincenzo Cosenza

Cosenza's social-networking map from June 2009 shows how more competitive the field was back then and that Facebook was not the dominant player in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, or India.

Vincenzo Cosenza

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