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Facebook coming to PS3?

Leaked photos of a future update suggest that social networking isn't just for Xbox-folk.

Could these be the new PS3 dashboard? Joystiq

Do you like the idea of checking status updates on a 50-inch LCD in the middle of Uncharted 2 sessions? Social media addicts, the next PS3 update just might be for you. Hidden photos on Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Web site, that have since been taken down, point to a definitive and familiar blue logo showing up on Sony's PlayStation 3 dashboard. Whether or not this also means Twitter will be getting on the Black Box of Blu-ray is uncertain, but hopefully likely.

Sony is reported to have no comment, so we'll see what becomes of this. Honestly, we don't use much Facebook or Twitter on our Xbox 360, but here's a software update we'd like to see the PS3 add very soon.

(Via Joystiq)