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Facebook brings on bug-catching techies to improve its mobile platform

The social network snatches up the tech talent and IP behind U.K. startup Monoidics, which develops software for catching glitches -- i.e., code that checks other code for bugs.

Monoidics' technical team and assets are headed to Facebook's London office. Monoidics

Facebook is acquiring the assets and technical team behind Monoidics, the companies said Thurdsay. Terms of the deal, which has yet to close, were not disclosed.

Monoidics is a 4-year-old, London-based startup that makes quality assurance software for automatically detecting critical bugs in applications.

Facebook will use the acquired assets to improve its mobile applications platform, software engineer Philip Su said. A Facebook spokesperson told CNET that the social network will apply Monoidics automatic formal verification and analysis software -- aka code that checks other code for bugs -- to its mobile app development.

"Joining the Facebook team opens up a world of new opportunity for our technology and for our individual and collective scientific expertise," the Monoidics team wrote in a blog post.

The acquisition aligns nicely with Facebook's multifaceted mobile strategy, which includes making its own best-in-show applications, enticing developers to create third-party apps with social hooks, and playing a larger role in the entire ecosystem of application development and promotion.

(Via TechCrunch)