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Facebook brings its Yelp-like business Pages to Android

The redesigned layout puts essential business information up front and makes the social network's app work better for local search.

facebook mobile pages layout
Jennifer Van Grove/CNET

Facebook said Thursday that its Android application will feature its newly redesigned layout for mobile Pages. Pages are Facebook profiles for brands, businesses, and public figures that use the social network.

The new layout, which resembles business listings on Yelp, pushes essential business information such as contact details and location to the top of the Page. It also encourages visitors to leave a mini review, check-in to the location, or "like" the Page.

Facebook first introduced the new look for mobile Pages on iOS and mobile Web a few weeks ago. The changes play nicely with Facebook's Nearby tab and are meant to provide the 751 million people who use Facebook on their smartphones each month with more compelling reasons to visit a local business' Facebook Page.

Local search is clearly becoming a top priority for Facebook. The social network appears to be on the verge of snatching up navigation app Waze for as much as $1 billion. The buy would give Facebook a way to intercept the search market, which often centers around map-based queries, on smartphones.