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Facebook applies a redesign

Revamped site, launched earlier in beta to some users, is now being rolled out to all users over the next few weeks--whether they're fans of the new look or not.

After several months of beta testing its new design, Facebook on Wednesday began rolling out its new site to all of its 100 million users.

Under the new design, the social-networking giant initiated changes designed to simplify the site's look and feel, provide greater user control over profiles, and dish up recent and relevant information, according to the company's blog posting.

To date, approximately 40 million, or 40 percent, of Facebook users have tried the beta version of the new site, which debuted in July. Of that group, 75 percent remained with the new version, according to the company.

As for the roughly 25 percent of Facebook users who did not continue with the beta version of the site, they'll need to go along with the new redesign as it's fully rolled out over the next few weeks--whether they like it or not.

Facebook notes it's aiming for such benefits as:

• A cleaner and simpler profile, while providing users more control over changes they may wish to implement.
• An emphasis on using feeds to deliver the most recent and relevant information.

The company advises users to try several techniques to make the transition easier, such as using filter feeds for the most recent and relevant information as well as using a navigation bar at the top of each page to bop from the profile section to the index and applications pages.