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Facebook adds Spotify, music and movies for sharing

Facebook has teamed up with Spotify and others to let you stream music and movies through the social network. Just press play.

Facebook has teamed up with a host of media partners to bring music and movies to the social network. But the bad news? Some of these will only be available in Canada and Latin America, at least at first.

The biggest deal for us in the UK is Spotify, as we expected. What your friends are listening to will show up on your profile, along with a Play button. Just press Play to give it a whirl yourself. Though you may find yourself losing a few friends if you go social with your Lionel Ritchie obsession.

You can also see which songs are trending with your friends using the Music Dashboard or the ticker on the right hand side of the page. Spotify users can also add pictures and a comment about the song they're listening to. So you can excuse the Lionel Ritchie by pretending someone else is using your profile.

Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek took to the stage at the f8 conference to unveil the Facebook integration. He later tweeted: "Today is a big day for music!"

Other music partners include Rhapsody, Rdio and MOG, as well as video offerings from Vevo, Netflix, Hulu and others. Netflix has confirmed its Facebook integration will only be for those in Canada and Latin America, initially anyway.

Your viewing and listening habits will show up in the recently launched 'ticker' to the right of the page. It's for "lightweight activity" like media consumption, Zuckerberg said, so it won't clog up your friends' newsfeeds unless a very strong pattern emerges among you all. Lionel Ritchie, for example.

Facebook is also adding news apps as well as these media ones. Mark Zuckerberg announced the music, movies, TV and news apps will start rolling out imminently, so you won't have to wait long to find out what your friends really listen to and watch.

What do you think of Facebook's new media tools? Will you be streaming and sharing via the social network? Flock to our Facebook page and let us know.