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Face it, you can't get enough jumbo smartphones

Yep, size matters.


The Samsung Note franchise was the start of the phablet trend. 


Remember how we mocked early adopters for those jumbo Galaxy Note phones just a few years ago?

Nowadays, big phones are everywhere. 

Samsung may have blazed the trail, but other handset makers like Apple have followed suit with their own supersized smartphones, also known in the industry as phablets. The pace of phablet growth is expected to be 18.1 percent through 2021, compared with the total smartphone market growth rate of 3 percent, according to IDC

Half or more of Apple's iPhone shipments are expected to be of the larger variety, IDC said. 

"In 2012, phablets were just 1 percent of smartphone shipments and now they are approaching 50 percent of the market just a few years later," said IDC analyst Ryan Reith. 

IDC also predicts that the market share position for Android and iOS will remain steady for the next five years, squeezing out any other operating system.

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