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Fab holidays so far for Fab

The quirky flash-sales site sees a quadrupling of year-over-year sales numbers from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, with one third of purchases being made with its mobile apps.

The top items purchased on Fab during the Black Friday through Cyber Monday shopping period. Fab

Fab is reporting record sales for the Thanksgiving period, with roughly 33 percent of purchases made by way of its mobile apps.

The quirky flash-sales site sold more than $6.5 million worth of product in the span from Black Friday through Cyber Monday -- nearly four times the amount sold during the same period last year, the company said. Cyber Monday was particularly busy. Fab made the most money ever on a single day, pulling in $1.3 million in sales.

Fab said its mobile apps were partially responsible. A third of the sales came from the apps, with increased use of Fab's iPad app.

"We saw record log-ins and purchases on iPad particularly," CEO Jason Goldberg wrote on his blog. "For the first time, iPad and iPhone sales were almost equal."

Previously, the iPhone app generated 60 percent of mobile app sales, while the iPad did 40 percent. The increased iPad presence comes after Fab's redesign of its iOS apps.

Not only were more shoppers making purchases through the iPad app, those purchases were also bigger. People on the iPad app bought more items in a single go and spent more money than did people using their smartphones.