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EzyFlix offering "disc-to-digital" conversion for a nominal fee

You can now get digital versions of movies you own on disc via Australian video on demand service EzyFlix, for as little as AU$2.


EzyFlix has announced it is now offering Australia's first disc to digital service -- which it is styling as 'Disc2Digital'.

The service means that people who own a DVD or Blu-ray copy of a movie can get a digital version of the title for between AU$2 and AU$5. That version can then be streamed or downloaded on up to five connected devices via the EzyFlix service.

EzyFlix notes that all the files will be Ultraviolet compatible, meaning they can be shared with up to five other people.

To access the digital copies, you'll need a Mac or PC with a disc drive and the EzyFlix app. Disc2Digital will appear as a tab option. Insert your disc copy of the film and you'll be able to purchase the digital copy for AU$2.

If your disc is a DVD offering a standard definition file, you can up grade to a HD digital version for AU$5. EzyFlix is terming the payment a "conversion fee", saying that the service will "ensure those customers do not have to re-purchase movies they already own in order to enjoy them across digital devices".

According to EzyFlix CEO Craig White, there are "thousands" of DVDs and Blu-ray's eligible for conversion. A searchable database is available here.

EzyFlix works on PC and Mac, selected iOS and Android devices, as well as Samsung smart TVs and Chromecast.