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ezGear XL90 Sound Bar is long...really long

We're pretty sure you've never seen an iPod speaker dock as long as ezGear's XL90 Sound Bar.


Um...I'm pretty sure this thing is as long as I am tall. Wow. The press release for the ezGear XL90 Sound Bar doesn't include any information on the unit's measurements (nor does the product page, for that matter), but comparing it to the iPod that's docked into it in the picture, I think it's safe to say that this speaker is at least nine iPods wide. OK, so that's only about 22 inches--shorter than me, to be sure--but it's still really long compared to any other iPod speaker dock that I've seen, and I've seen a lot. Moving beyond the eye-catching design, the XL90 appears to offer a lot in terms of sound. Its length is made up of six speakers--four midrange speakers and two tweeters--and a 35-watt amplifier. The package also includes a separate vented subwoofer and a remote. The speaker works with any iPod or any MP3 player, thanks to the auxiliary line input, and it also includes an AM/FM radio for those times when only terrestrial music will do. ezGear has yet to set pricing on the XL90, but it expects to have the unit on sale by March.