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Eyeball speakers get girly

Scandyna's secret speaker spies turn pink.

We're watching you... Scandyna

We've seen many eyeball-shaped speakers lately, and Scandyna's curvy offerings are no exception to the trend. Now, however, the company is trying to appeal to us chic techies by painting their product pink.

Exciting? I think not. It seems every tech product comes in a pink version nowadays, like the Microsoft Zune, or the Nintendo DS.

If you love a pale, washed-out pink, and you have $300 to fork over, Scandyna is selling the Pink Dock Pack, a pack of two Micropod SE speakers, along with an iPod dock, at retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue. The iPod dock accommodates several iPod models, and both iPhones.

When it comes to color, I prefer a bolder statement, like the previous Micropod speakers that come in a variety of retro colors, or black for the more modest types.