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Eye in the sky, on your cell phone

TrafficGauge lets you view current traffic conditions on your cell phone.


TrafficGauge lets you use your cell phone to view traffic conditions on a nice color-coded map showing slow traffic in red, medium-speed traffic in yellow, and fast traffic in green. The company previously launched a handheld unit showing similar information in an ugly but useful monochrome display. TrafficGauge's new cellular service enables anyone with a cell phone capable of texting and showing color graphics to get traffic conditions in 17 metropolitan areas, such as Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Atlanta.

To use the service, go to the TrafficGauge Web site, click to the cellular service area, and find the form or appropriate e-mail address for your area. TrafficGauge says a graphic showing traffic flow will be sent to your phone within one to five minutes. You can refresh the graphic to update the traffic conditions. This system sounds more useful than waiting for a radio station's traffic report. And, just like the radio, it's free (for now, at least).